An ode to a Madcap

Whitelion screams - there is life after a broken heart. But at this juncture, my heart is not just broken, it is suspended in disbelief. There is some news that has not sunk in yet or maybe I am just being stubborn to believe it. The one and only Yejaman passed on. It seemed like... Continue Reading →

Saturday afternoon

Its a Saturday afternoon. Say what? It has been such a lame ass week that it doesn't feel like a Saturday afternoon. What the fuck happened? oh yeah, Covid-19. From season 1 to season 2, she's turned from bitch to whore mode who's collecting like never before. On one side it is sad to see... Continue Reading →

Holy fuckamolly

Its been a grueling week. Lets just accept the fact that the week has been absolutely fucking ruthless. But in all of it, things seem good. Its not everyday that one's plate is overflowing and fucking staining every piece of clothing waist down. Given the circumstances, this is a good thing. Reminder to self -... Continue Reading →

Soul say

I should be sleeping, it is way past my bedtime. 33minutes past 00, Spotify is doing its thaang, grinding away and keeping the Fluid speakers thundering away. I know there are a lot of things in my head, things I want to write about. But given the climate and the fucking mosquitoes, I am not... Continue Reading →


When Aragorn met the hobbits, he didn’t expect his life would change from the Lone Ranger to the King of Gondor. Such is destiny. Despite walking the other side, the pull of gravity towards solid rock is unbeatable and without compare. Such also is destiny. When there’s a homing beacon that was once buried in... Continue Reading →

A December Thursday

As the Fluid’s thump out soul music and the apple doing its bit, I’m letting the still of the night sink in. It was a fucking crazy day and classic rock is just what I need. Would have turned the volume higher, but tad concerned of my neighbours. As the flavoured spirit makes its way... Continue Reading →

The Prodigal

Tuning into church after a long gap thanks to covid-19 and slacking on priority, it was heartwarming to listen about God's grace and his love he has for children. Based on past experience, I have always received God's word at the right time, especially during dire straits and this was no different. The teaching was... Continue Reading →

The detailed 38

I'm finally here. Moving from size XL to XXL, if you get the drift and the feeling is actually sinking in. To the ones that have been here and crossed this milestone, this could be just another year but not for me. To me, this seems to be the mother of all milestones. Not everyone... Continue Reading →

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