Summer is coming!

For someone who’s been in Madras for a while, we basically have 3 different weather types. Hot, hotter and hottest. 2020 was an exception thanks to covid19 where we actually had a 4th type - winter. Stepping out today and we haven’t crossed Jan yet, the mercury levels decided to go on a trip up... Continue Reading →

Ende ponnu theivame.. Ormagal !!

Gotta keep adding them, you know. It’s the best way to avoid the grey and focus on the sexy black of life. Ever since lessons from amachi dawned, it’s been add on Sally to the memory express. Cups of black and wisps of kings ruled the dawn of day while the crisp of the night... Continue Reading →

The summer of Madras

And it has begun. The summer that we dread so much. Every year I remember saying it is a really hot summer and this year is also the same, though this year I think it is going to be even more hotter than the other years. It has not stopped us from riding.. but maybe... Continue Reading →

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