The 130AM ramble

It’s about 130 am.. tried to hit the sack after a rather long day but somehow that doesn’t seem to be happening. Might as well write, right ? The new earphones I picked up seem to be quite alright in my ear - these are the Sony xb400’s and they seem to be quite better... Continue Reading →

The two wheeled magic

There's a certain magic about swinging your leg on to a motorcycle. It is like triggering a remote switch to the riders' mind and heart when you flip that ignition switch. The rev meter starts and there's an immediate surge of happiness that flows through your veins. I doubt if there are words to explain... Continue Reading →


It feels free after a couple no? The fun is to keep it at point and start a conference bridge and go through a document that can make or break an engagement. The day isn’t over yet and the adrenaline has no intention to disappoint. Good fun all the way. The gearshift need more spirits.... Continue Reading →

A December Thursday

As the Fluid’s thump out soul music and the apple doing its bit, I’m letting the still of the night sink in. It was a fucking crazy day and classic rock is just what I need. Would have turned the volume higher, but tad concerned of my neighbours. As the flavoured spirit makes its way... Continue Reading →


Living.. experiencing .. jumping.. and then letting out that breath in slow contention is what comprises of a single breath - if done right. How many times do we do it? We’re busy either copy pasting a document or a line of code or coming up with a product to sell .. or paying credit... Continue Reading →

Tea Lessons

Interesting how life teaches you lessons every time, irrespective of how young or old you may be. It took me 38 years to finally let the lesson of sharing and caring sink into my head. And I’m glad it did. Through my growing years, I’ve picked up bits and pieces of ideas along the roads... Continue Reading →

Negative !

The only time I loved the negative status. So on Friday, a pretty looking health officer came around asking name, age and other details. And then she popped the question- can we take a test? One part of me was like - should I ? The other part of me was like - why not... Continue Reading →

Chicken curry

It’s a simple curry. Tomatoes, onions, ginger garlic paste, some spices and chicken. Cooked for about 30 odd minutes and is a brilliant dish that pairs brilliantly with rice or any Indian bread. Simple as it is, it brings back so many memories to me, especially when I am making this today in trust square.... Continue Reading →

Avril – quieter, faster

Okay, it’s late AF and my eyes are burning, but when you’ve gotta write, you’ve just gotta write. Today, I mean yesterday was quite interesting. Piled in oodles of work and burnt out grey cells, getting an opportunity to drive out for an errand was like a breath of fresh air. With the whole restrictions... Continue Reading →

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