Think Motherfucker. Think

Are we running a race? Are we hiding? Interesting questions - If you haven't got your bottle of poison, get it out NOW. Life - seems interesting, but what is it that you are doing? Has anyone taken the time to wonder? The last 2 years have been quite something. The outward body remains, the... Continue Reading →

Hey hello my blogspace

That line that says - out of sight is out of mind is true. I stopped writing for a short bit and then realised that I’ve stopped writing for a longtime. And just like that, we’re sitting close to mid of October. Where is time flying by? There are however so many things happening that... Continue Reading →

Saturday afternoon

Its a Saturday afternoon. Say what? It has been such a lame ass week that it doesn't feel like a Saturday afternoon. What the fuck happened? oh yeah, Covid-19. From season 1 to season 2, she's turned from bitch to whore mode who's collecting like never before. On one side it is sad to see... Continue Reading →


And like that, I got it done. I was not over the 45+ age limit, but given my ticker condition, I thought it made sense to get it done at the earliest. I wanted to document the whole process, the after effects and all of that, but then I was busy fending off a fever... Continue Reading →


In a few minutes from now, we start a new month. Q2 of 2021. The last 3 months ran though the world has been brought to a grinding halt thanks to a raging pandemic. Irony cannot be better explained. Sitting back in the comfort of my couch after a much needed workout at the neighborhood... Continue Reading →

Negative !

The only time I loved the negative status. So on Friday, a pretty looking health officer came around asking name, age and other details. And then she popped the question- can we take a test? One part of me was like - should I ? The other part of me was like - why not... Continue Reading →

Day 4

Good morning, again. It was Saturday, which meant one less activity- I didn’t have to log on to the regular 11 am call. This also meant a few more minutes to curl up in bed. Saturdays used to be a busy day. Hustling either at Pudupet or waking up really early to ride out with... Continue Reading →

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