Trip Trippa Trippin !

The Jeevaneson blood line is known not to plan anything but squeeze the maximum fun life has to offer. I might be challenging that to start my own blood line. Got the news at 8PM on Sunday night that a imminent road trip was on the cards. A road trip for which both Avril and... Continue Reading →

Ende ponnu theivame.. Ormagal !!

Gotta keep adding them, you know. It’s the best way to avoid the grey and focus on the sexy black of life. Ever since lessons from amachi dawned, it’s been add on Sally to the memory express. Cups of black and wisps of kings ruled the dawn of day while the crisp of the night... Continue Reading →

Tea Lessons

Interesting how life teaches you lessons every time, irrespective of how young or old you may be. It took me 38 years to finally let the lesson of sharing and caring sink into my head. And I’m glad it did. Through my growing years, I’ve picked up bits and pieces of ideas along the roads... Continue Reading →

Avril – quieter, faster

Okay, it’s late AF and my eyes are burning, but when you’ve gotta write, you’ve just gotta write. Today, I mean yesterday was quite interesting. Piled in oodles of work and burnt out grey cells, getting an opportunity to drive out for an errand was like a breath of fresh air. With the whole restrictions... Continue Reading →

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