Why do I love them so much? They are so fucking addictive. The way they sit in one's feet and throw that sexiness is so divine. Clark's is running a sale and I'm a hairline away from being swept into their store. Somehow I don't trust the online part of things. But ironically the current... Continue Reading →


We are quite caught in its warp, aren't we? Chilling half past midnight, it is quite a refresher to sit down and not think of multiple things like I'm used to. It is Friday, technically! This week went by fast. I came back from a ride and in fairness, I'm not supposed to feel the... Continue Reading →

Thoughts ?

I dream of days where I want to lay back and let the sun soak into my soul, my thoughts be let out and my heart beat slow. In this busy rat race of mine, I doubt if I will get such a day. Maybe 6 feet under ?

That day of the year

I took a few minutes to read how I felt exactly this time last year and I must say - I share the same emotions this year too. 4 years running and sometimes it feels like yesterday. The journey through those machines and beeping gadgets have left quite a lasting impression in me. Everyone had... Continue Reading →

Back on the roads

And boy it feels good ! Melanie, Irene and me had quite a brilliant time tonight. Being on the roads, doing the silent 140kmph through the roaring silencers and feeling the wind piece through the riding jacket. It felt good to be back on the roads.. and I am quite happy to be able to... Continue Reading →


Sometimes these are fun times ! Thanks to a disappointing visit to the Fiat service Center, I got back home to start working like a normal day! The good side was that i had breakfast on time, lunch on time and also my chai on time. Pretty interesting day that including washing my clothes !... Continue Reading →

The summer of Madras

And it has begun. The summer that we dread so much. Every year I remember saying it is a really hot summer and this year is also the same, though this year I think it is going to be even more hotter than the other years. It has not stopped us from riding.. but maybe... Continue Reading →

Using the Gboard

I know I tried it once.....but after that I went back to stock iPhone keyboard setting..... But today, after seeing a friend of mine use it, I wanted to try it again. It feels good so far and the swipe feels good too. Maybe I will pay around with this for a bit and then... Continue Reading →

Sidewall horrors

It was just another Saturday afternoon and I was busy getting my errands sorted. All was supposed to be nice and dandy until couple of things crept up. One was the "check engine" light in Avril which shouldn't have come up because she got her new air sensor and she was all dolled up to... Continue Reading →

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