My blue bandana !!!

It has been over 12 hours that I am back from #mbmc16A, but that bluey feeling is still lingering. This time, it is not because of the ride, or the joy of hitting the roads, but it is because of the loss of my blue bandana. Gifted to me in 2006, that simple piece of... Continue Reading →


those 4 lines

Out there in the spotlight, a million miles away, lies the way !Out here in the limelight, the knife glistens to slay nothing else matters, for whiskey is in the jar nothing else matters, for today is the day

A day

It is a beautiful day to be able to write. To be able to put feelings on paper and to express. But the irony of writing is that there are too many things to tell. Some, that can be written and then some that should be read. Such is the day today. I find it... Continue Reading →

Of road trips and load strips

It's been a good ride so far this day. A ride called by Feroz of the #madbulls called #pudustory has brought in about 50 of us together on the roads. Before I write about the ride, let me mention one thing.. it's a mad mad mad weekend ! And it's going to be fun Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Water proof

The relationship goes back to #mahaRM when a vendor had supplied these duffel bags to the participants.. In his business expansion drive, he has been promoting his bags to others belonging to the biking fraternity at down to earth prices that is certainly affordable and the bag also seems practical. From the multiple options that... Continue Reading →

Of rainy days in the city

Who doesn't like those days ? The pleasure of feeling those drops land on your body after traveling millions of miles is like no other. This is when one decides to step outside when it is raining The other joy is to sit indoors and watch the onslaught of the raindrops as rain filled clouds... Continue Reading →

The X-Perience

It’s been a few days over 2 months that I have been tapping out on the iPhone X and I must say this - it is fucking awesome ! I remember picking up my first iPhone - the 6 and thought it was big and inconvenient and moved over to the SE which i have... Continue Reading →

Weekend !!

Finally good to be here! Been doing quite a bit of fun time so far.. but to be honest, I’m glad I’m here now.. A day with Matt was fun.. went to see Mahabs and got the explore the potential of the iphoneX and I love it ! It is so fucking awesome ! I... Continue Reading →

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