NERM 2017 – Pasighat

My first NERM


Wow time flies

I have been wanting to write... not just express frustration, but generally write.. but life gets so tangled in the chores of everyday, that at the end of the day you just feel spent. 22nd oct- the time when I should be sleeping.. but when there’s some rum, it’s always good to be awake. Almost... Continue Reading →

Zoo time with Zoe

School vacations ! Who doesn’t love them, except for the parents who have to go to work.. but other than that, the kids just love the break and free time and the playtime and what not ... Zoe was no different and her mother was wondering what to do to keep her occupied. A quick... Continue Reading →

Miss you mother

The memories of that night is still so fresh. It was somewhere about the same time as is now 1215 in the night time where we got that call to go to the ICU The doctors were there, and the room was eerily quiet. Lights flashing, all sorts of device were reading information and in... Continue Reading →


Lying on a sunny afternoon I can feel the memories wash over me. So many years, so many days in those years... and the smell of those memories are so fresh in my mind like it was yesterday. Tomorrow is going to be 20 years since I lost my mum. 20! Two whole fucking decades.... Continue Reading →

The itch

And I love it ! The desire to key it down, the ability to express, the avenue of release, the liberation of a constipated hurt, the life of a regrettable man ! I've always found relief in keying in my feelings. From the time of my first heartbreak to today. I've released them in avenues... Continue Reading →

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