My lovely princess

Having got the opportunity to meet my darling daughter after a lot of talking and whatsapp chatting , it was quite something to see her in person and spend time with her. Today evening's time spent was not like the other visits. It wasn't the - I don't want to see you dada or I'm... Continue Reading →


All in a Saturday

It's one of those peaceful days to wake up late, not worry about the day ahead and do things that would be so impossible on a normal weekday. It also is a great day to take your motorcycle out for a spin and have a great day on the roads, have a quick stop at... Continue Reading →

Taking off

I've always wanted to capture this and today it happened from the parking lot.The dark skies ready to open up and the power of the aircraft's engine tearing through the clouds towards its destination.Taking off in an aircraft is a thrill on its own - the feeling of those turbo engines generating the power, the... Continue Reading →

Friday evening

A strong breeze, cloudy skiesA cuppa coffee, how nice !Rain filled clouds, raring to goFlooded roads today will showFriday evening - how lovelyMakes the evening more bubblyThe soil stirs, excited aromaGotta love the dark panaroma

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