The cousins meet up

when you know it's going to be an interesting weekend !


Money management

This is probably an age-old topic, nonetheless, it is a valuable lesson that one learns at every phase of life. Having been through a few crunches myself, I can resonate with what my grandfather told me ages ago. Never spend more than what you earn. He mentioned this line the day I got my first... Continue Reading →

Donegan’s gone

A song written to honour Lorrie Donegan is nothing but a musical masterpiece. I remember I used to skip this song most times, but this version of it has made me run the song on loop multiple times ! One can feel the silky fingers play along the fretboard, the words of tribute flowing out... Continue Reading →

Moving channels

So, after these many months of putting up with the so called #1 network, Jio, I am moving ship to another so-called #1 network, Airtel. I think it was about time I did it for the simple reason of wanting peace of mind and availability of signal. While #Jio is a great service provider, with... Continue Reading →

And it started ! Today ! At a quarter to 10, in my room, in my sweet spot where my laptop and most of my "adult" education was at, the first hammer strike connected to the brick of yesteryear's, bringing down the memories of a lifetime in a pendular stroke of motion! 10 Trust square... Continue Reading →

MK – The healer

There is a certain serenity when Mark Knopfler is plugged into your ears. The pulsing chords and carefully chosen words resonate with such harmony that soothes your soul like no other. Such is my Thursday, thus far ! Riddled with multiple thoughts, most of them worrysome, MK is the perfect recipe for the troubled soul.... Continue Reading →

Bent to vent !

It has been on my head a while... and every month it stares right at your face. I used to be a regular at complete payments and then one fine month, i had ended up swiping more than i can pay and then the headache started! It can be so fucking frustrating! So insanely depressing... Continue Reading →


You know, there are those times when you want to write, scream literally, but then you dont do it. Not that i am saying that i want to bitch about things all the time, but even in times of joy or some kind of excitement in life. Its the month of September. Already! It is... Continue Reading →

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