Passing days

Sometime around this time a year ago, the world as we knew it changed. Someone at some lab discovered something that brought the entire world to nothing. It was in the air, in the clouds and as minuscule as it was, it brought towering businesses to their feet, powerful people to their knees and stopped... Continue Reading →

Oh Google !

Been an interesting day in following routes and tracks using the one and only Google maps. Some of the lanes got narrower by the turn but the blip on the screen kept moving. It got my eyebrows up but bottom line it got me to my destination. In a new place with lack of the... Continue Reading →

Wish you were here

The time on my laptop reads 00:56 which is pretty much my usual bed time, but today I have a feeling I would be up for a little bit longer. It was a long day at work with standing on my feet for about 5 odd hours and presenting a topic unknown to me but... Continue Reading →

Trip Trippa Trippin !

The Jeevaneson blood line is known not to plan anything but squeeze the maximum fun life has to offer. I might be challenging that to start my own blood line. Got the news at 8PM on Sunday night that a imminent road trip was on the cards. A road trip for which both Avril and... Continue Reading →


There’s something about those two wheels. The sense of freedom, happiness and joy as you coast along the roads, watching people sit in their fancy air conditioned cages aka cars while life seems to be happening right in front of your eyes. Even better when you have someone to share your ride. Was out on... Continue Reading →

Hello March

It’s surprising how time flies even though there’s a pandemic raging across the world. Last March, shit hit the fan with the world going into lockdown and what not and today, a year later, none seems to be bothered two hoots about it. Time flies and we’ve just gotta move on. The last year has... Continue Reading →

Roads.. and their magic

Back when the Old Madras road was its beautiful two lane highway, there was a road sign that said - Roads bring people together. It was a landmark for us who rode to Bangalore where we would stop and click pictures. That sign got taken off thanks to road widening and what not. Back from... Continue Reading →

Sighrene- who ?

It started off as a normal thursday, chocoblocked at work with a kazillion calls. But as the sun went about its daily cycle of setting into the horizon, the evening just got very interesting. A quick call to the garage folks confirmed one thing - Irene was going to get her long long pending TLC... Continue Reading →


2 minutes to midnight ! It’s been a crazy day so far. Started off absolutely brilliant but as the sun came up, so did the calendar schedules. And boy they were packed !! A smiley start is always signs of a happy day and I had more than a smile today. Wish it was there... Continue Reading →

Surprises !

Sometimes the world revolves in ways that takes you by surprise. Sometimes the surprise just shakes your world. Being thankful for all that is happening, being hopeful for more to come, being cheerful through it all. Fun times are fun, until it’s only your footprints that you see. At that point, the feeling of missing... Continue Reading →

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