#NERM2018 – Sikkim

I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to key in the #Nerm18 experience. I do not know if I should blame it on the countless hours at the office, or the raging infection in my chest or the kazillion number of to-dos at home. Well, finally, here I am, so here goes!... Continue Reading →


Gotta slow down

Been running a crazy schedule the last couple of weeks and my tick tock is reminding me to slow down. It's not a good thing to be running this fast at 5500rpm all day long for all week on loop. Time to take it easy and cool down. Sitting in a bus travelling to blore... Continue Reading →

Friday rambles

Isn't life ironic.. isn't it such a bitch. But in spite of all that, it is fun to see how the world spins. It's the end of the week. A pretty much busy week and so many things have happened this week. I am sure it is the same scene for most of my contact... Continue Reading →


So..the way things look at the moment.. #NERM2018 is a promising reality as opposed to being just a wet dream. More updates as we get closer to flying.

Nothing is forever

It is true, isn't it? No matter how much we are attached to something ( not someone), it isn't forever. Was having a chat with a work colleague for some updates on something that happened of which I was a part of earlier. Having been there for about 4+ years, it was a bittersweet moment... Continue Reading →

Data – the new oxygen

The mobile network crashed for about 5 hours today.. in those 5 hours, normalcy seemed dead ! It is not about the air we breathe these days, but it has become the data we consume on our devices that seems to set the oxygen of the day. Being someone who loves being connected on the... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Zoe

And like that, she turns seven ! I still remember the time I carried her in my arms, shuffling from room to ICU as her mother recovered from the delivery. How time flies! Today, she jumps and walks about and talks a million words a minute. In my complicated journey, I meet her often, but... Continue Reading →

21 years

Time flies, especially when it comes to memories and how they linger in your heart, mind and soul. I remember being at this junction last year at how 2 decades just went by so fast and here i am, again! I'm curious - Does time travel faster when you grow older or is it that... Continue Reading →

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