Little did I know it would become a habit. I took the plunge as we stepped into the national lockdown and so far it’s been a steady 6 day routine. Walking. An activity I never comprehended was in list multiple to-do’s in a day. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired and to... Continue Reading →

An early morning ride on Sunday is the perfect pill to face the week ahead ! #irene

Saturday again !

Here we are again.. a brilliant Saturday morning with the sun shining bright and the agenda pretty much white as snow. There were a couple things that needed to be done, which wouldn’t take much time. After last weekend’s adventure, i was more than tempted to take Irene out for a spin again. Though we... Continue Reading →

What a Saturday!!

It was supposed to be an action packed day. With quite a number of items on the To-do list, timing and execution was key to making sure I ticked all of them. The plan was to head out with #irene. It had been too long since she and I took a spin and today was... Continue Reading →

New toy

So.. the X gave way to the Promax. Didn’t look like the 12 was coming my way anytime soon, and it was time to take the plunge. The experience is very interesting so far.. getting used to the extra inches and the other goodies it offers. Most of all I’m happy I ditched 2 for... Continue Reading →


We’re here at the halfway mark for 2020 and guess what - we’re all at home !! This pandemic is having a turn of it’s own, a swing at the glorious hypocrisy called humanity and there are willing subjects ready to be slated, while the rest of us are sitting it out. The summer is... Continue Reading →

Day 8

And its a new month of April. March of 2020 will go down in the history books as the month where the world stopped doing everything and stay confined within the human walls of quarantine. With this new month, it is time to look at new beginnings and new tomorrows. It is only the first... Continue Reading →

Day 7

End of the month of March and also a week since the official lockdown. This routine is sinking in deep now. Around the world, things are getting out of hand with the many things going wrong, haywire and chaotic. In a way it is eerie. Anyway, shit creek aside - the good thing is that... Continue Reading →

Day 6

Or Monday for short. The day started off with my sleepy brain trying to recollect the time for my first meeting and post that thought, it was logging into work and starting off work as usual. A whole week lay ahead of today and I’m sure every new day would be interesting. Littered with meetings... Continue Reading →

Day 5

Sunday morning ! Supposedly the day of rest, but having been doing that for a week now I had to step out today. I needed some essentials and groceries and with new curfew rules in effect from today, I had to get out soon. The roads were fairly empty and I was able to get... Continue Reading →

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