I wish

Doesn't it feel lovely to ride, to create memories, to write them down and treasure them.


Big biking commune

What an interesting event! It was like having awesome dessert while the starters and the main course of a meal sucked. But, amidst all that, I had one of the best weekends of my life. Got to see #Thaikkudambridge play, made so many new friends, saw stars at midnight, had dinners for 3 hours starting... Continue Reading →

In the beginning

It always brings back memories and these memories always help understand your roots and how God has shaped your life one step to another. Such was my experience this time. The family name of my maternal grandfather and from where starts my journey of life and memories. My visits to this "tharavadu" or family house... Continue Reading →

Ah, déjà vu

It was a trip down memory lane driving this beast. Back in the day of mrao days, it was pure joy driving around a truck and plowing through traffic. This was the first time I drove the Scorpio from the Mahindra stable. The car has clocked quite a bit of mileage- 193000 kms which is... Continue Reading →

Rider Mania 2019

Where do I start? Do I write about Irene who was an absolute babe all through the 4000 odd kms she and I shared, do I write about how the northern part of this country felt as Indro and I ripped through the roads, or should I talk about how partying in a desert felt?... Continue Reading →

It’s a happy new year !

I have not written about my 2018, nor have I written how hopeful I am of 2019. Shame ! I have been so caught up in so many things, one of them being this beautiful woman who has all my rapt attention and the other is giving her all the goodies she would need to... Continue Reading →

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