Think Motherfucker. Think

Are we running a race? Are we hiding? Interesting questions - If you haven't got your bottle of poison, get it out NOW. Life - seems interesting, but what is it that you are doing? Has anyone taken the time to wonder? The last 2 years have been quite something. The outward body remains, the... Continue Reading →

Ende ponnu theivame.. Ormagal !!

Gotta keep adding them, you know. It’s the best way to avoid the grey and focus on the sexy black of life. Ever since lessons from amachi dawned, it’s been add on Sally to the memory express. Cups of black and wisps of kings ruled the dawn of day while the crisp of the night... Continue Reading →

Ah, déjà vu

It was a trip down memory lane driving this beast. Back in the day of mrao days, it was pure joy driving around a truck and plowing through traffic. This was the first time I drove the Scorpio from the Mahindra stable. The car has clocked quite a bit of mileage- 193000 kms which is... Continue Reading →

A few posted…

... and many more to update ! It's been a while since I've been in this space, writing, expressing and what not and this feels like a huge weight off my chest. It feels good to key in, share, post up and what not. And this year there seems to be many things coming together.I... Continue Reading →

and im back !

I knew this year was going to be something... and it sure is turning out to be something !! I am back on the blog roll and it feels fuckin amazing to be back . I have been so restricted without being able to write and express.. All that is done and dusted now. This... Continue Reading →

Rider Mania 2017

As the Officer's band of Shillong belted out Pink Floyd's - Wish you were here, everyone felt a stir in their heart. For those who were there at the event, it was sweet to be there, feel the vibe, the heat, the difference of heaven from hell, the magnitude of meaningless nothing that we all... Continue Reading →


It's a great day to post up on my blog! Happy new year, 2017 ! It's going to be a brilliant year. Desire , and by persistent faith, you shall see it happen ! Cheers D

Hello and welcome

And hey there !! Thank you for stopping by . It's been a while since I've seen you around. 👍👍👍😀😀 Just feelin a little cheeky !! Cheers and Bob's my uncle ! D

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