The degh!

One of the regular joints that we've been picking up food at, this place combines Arcot styled biriyani laced with Ambur styled masala. You can feel the fat of the lamb in the rice as you chew on tender pieces of meat and the small grain rice finds its way into the deep abyss of... Continue Reading →

Hush puppied !!

This has been on my "wishlist" for ages and finally I've got my legs into it ! Thanks to an incredible team that gifted me a voucher and thanks to an Ecommerce website that delivered it really quick ! The brown trend continues !!


Lovely composition and I did not want to miss the moment ! Chai, clouds, birdie and a empty highway ! Happiness

Slicing !

Simple as it seems, this is what slicing looks like ! Next time you want to break someone's heart, imagine this graphic !

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