Trashy tuesday

What a fucking bluesy day ! I have a wave of emotions in me right now - ranging from anger to frustration and utmost disgust. The only thing is, i don't know what the fuck i am angry about. Woke up so sleepy that I wanted to get back to bed. The drive to work... Continue Reading →

What a supreme fuck up

It is one's earnest desire to start the day, especially the first working day of a new year in peace, harmony, ease of mind and all that jazz. Little did I know that 4 bloody digits could ruin all of that. Let me start off by saying that Aspira rum is totally crappy. Nothing beats... Continue Reading →

The Friday of 2019

Sitting in the quiet of the day with the rum working its way through my veins and The black keys pounding in my ears, I am smiling at the last Friday of this year. Friday is akin the yaaay day of the week, where the supposed chores are few and sleep is the main agenda.... Continue Reading →

37 up in the air !

I had to write this out . It is my birthday! Moving forward from the sexy 36, it is absolutely brilliant to welcome another year from 36000 ft up in the air. Sitting in a flight from Miami to Doha, I cannot thank God enough for the 36 years he gave me and the new... Continue Reading →

Madras Day 2019

380 years and she is still at her prime. The city has been a source of inspiration, joy and most importantly - emotion. And to do this year after year for 380 years is quite something. That is the spirit of Madras, and the Madras Bulls motorcycling club was celebrating her birthday on the 25th... Continue Reading →

Writers block

Did I really have it ? Or was I just too busy twiddling my thumbs elsewhere ? Not really a million dollar question , but still. It was great getting back to writing. I have rusted quite a bit , need to get some wd40 to clean them out. But otherwise, it feels good. Cheers

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