Day 8

And its a new month of April. March of 2020 will go down in the history books as the month where the world stopped doing everything and stay confined within the human walls of quarantine. With this new month, it is time to look at new beginnings and new tomorrows. It is only the first... Continue Reading →

Day 7

End of the month of March and also a week since the official lockdown. This routine is sinking in deep now. Around the world, things are getting out of hand with the many things going wrong, haywire and chaotic. In a way it is eerie. Anyway, shit creek aside - the good thing is that... Continue Reading →

Day 6

Or Monday for short. The day started off with my sleepy brain trying to recollect the time for my first meeting and post that thought, it was logging into work and starting off work as usual. A whole week lay ahead of today and I’m sure every new day would be interesting. Littered with meetings... Continue Reading →

Day 5

Sunday morning ! Supposedly the day of rest, but having been doing that for a week now I had to step out today. I needed some essentials and groceries and with new curfew rules in effect from today, I had to get out soon. The roads were fairly empty and I was able to get... Continue Reading →

Day 4

Good morning, again. It was Saturday, which meant one less activity- I didn’t have to log on to the regular 11 am call. This also meant a few more minutes to curl up in bed. Saturdays used to be a busy day. Hustling either at Pudupet or waking up really early to ride out with... Continue Reading →

Day 3

The lights came on at about 10ish AM.. a few minutes before the calls and the action started off. It was Friday, but didn’t feel like one. Good morning Day 3. Friday’s used to be that one day where it was a huge sigh of relief thinking of the weekend ahead, but this one was... Continue Reading →

The lockdown

Just survived the first day of the official curfew and man o man, the feeling is intense. It has been basically staring at 4 walls and also at some movies. Amazon prime needs to up their game. Come on man, for fucks sake add some newer ones so I don’t have to start my computer... Continue Reading →

Chalo Nepal #bobmcRM2020

Sitting midair between bong-land and sambar-land with Mark Knopfler blaring at my ears, I am bracing myself to the soon approaching reality of mundane routine and endless chores. I sound like a grouch, but hey, why not? The last 11 days have been nothing short of adventure, excitement and happiness. Rider Mania 2020 was the... Continue Reading →

Nepal !!!

We finally made it. Irene and I have been together the last 1 year and we've done some pretty good miles together.. but this was different.. Riding into another country on your motorcycle is a feeling that surpasses ones excitement and was the same for me.. Riding through all sorts of roads and a whole... Continue Reading →

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