Life is short

Its Friday evening, Alanis Morisette is screaming away, my first meal of the day is cooking and I cant help but write. All these days with such hectic schedules and dim scope of life, things seem so grey. The grim reaper is on a journey of a lifetime.. That motherfucker has never collected so many... Continue Reading →

Holy fuckamolly

Its been a grueling week. Lets just accept the fact that the week has been absolutely fucking ruthless. But in all of it, things seem good. Its not everyday that one's plate is overflowing and fucking staining every piece of clothing waist down. Given the circumstances, this is a good thing. Reminder to self -... Continue Reading →

Soul say

I should be sleeping, it is way past my bedtime. 33minutes past 00, Spotify is doing its thaang, grinding away and keeping the Fluid speakers thundering away. I know there are a lot of things in my head, things I want to write about. But given the climate and the fucking mosquitoes, I am not... Continue Reading →


And like that, I got it done. I was not over the 45+ age limit, but given my ticker condition, I thought it made sense to get it done at the earliest. I wanted to document the whole process, the after effects and all of that, but then I was busy fending off a fever... Continue Reading →


In a few minutes from now, we start a new month. Q2 of 2021. The last 3 months ran though the world has been brought to a grinding halt thanks to a raging pandemic. Irony cannot be better explained. Sitting back in the comfort of my couch after a much needed workout at the neighborhood... Continue Reading →


It’s been a long day, a long week and a really long couple weeks. As Spotify blares away, a bottle of KF provides some relief. There’s a packet of biriyani to attack after the beer. But in all this - there’s some emptiness. Maybe some cheesecake ? But it’s Friday. Cheers and cheers

Passing days

Sometime around this time a year ago, the world as we knew it changed. Someone at some lab discovered something that brought the entire world to nothing. It was in the air, in the clouds and as minuscule as it was, it brought towering businesses to their feet, powerful people to their knees and stopped... Continue Reading →

Oh Google !

Been an interesting day in following routes and tracks using the one and only Google maps. Some of the lanes got narrower by the turn but the blip on the screen kept moving. It got my eyebrows up but bottom line it got me to my destination. In a new place with lack of the... Continue Reading →

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