2022 – here we are ! Kaaching

I could have sworn we’re still in 2021, but the fleeting calendar says we aren’t.

In a good way, we’ve stepped over the line into 2022 and 21 days have moved past too. How about that huh ? As much as it’s difficult to believe it, reality is such.

Anyway, so happy new year it is. Long pending in my opinion but given the weather, it’s alright I guess. Methinks I am still there at the Hettuda lodge where the 4 of us opened that bottle of rum and felt the joy of riding.

And now it’s been about 2 years since that memory. Physically moving but mentally still there. That bitch who let the saucer slip should be whipped.

Anyway, the magical month of December was quite a good month with its store of tales and roads. All good experiences I must say and always grateful for the spirit of adventure that still keeps burning strong.

What it also did was give birth to Jalebi. As she travels the long highway to Idli land, it is going to be quite an experience to get my hands on her and take on road tripping with a whole new perspective

16 odd years on a Royal Enfield and then Jalebi. Going to be quite something. In due time. Gotta wait for it.

It’s a Friday apparently. Sure as fuck doesn’t feel like one. Been plugged in since I woke up and as we inch towards midnight, it feels good to let my hair down. What is left of it, that is.

Got some work on Irene tomorrow. There’s some straightening from Goa and some much needed riding across town.

And that is how time rolls on.

To the blog world. Happy 2022. Stay alive

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