The mornin after

The day looks gloomy but the agenda for the day is far from it. This is what is called the morning after where everything looks interesting with a gazillion questions in your head as to what happened last night.

A Friday the way it should have been is what happened. There was a splitting headache which was soon addressed and a lot of galactic visits that was long pending. My health app says I got my required 7 hours of sleep, but me thinks I was touring the skies for longer. Anyway – targets achieved.

Breakfast is on its way while the clock ticks on. It is just me or is the clock on nitro today? I swear I saw the time read 10:10 a few seconds back and now it reads 10:18. At this rate, ill probably need to drink like 5 cups of coffee to get in track.

It feels good to be writing again. Now that I am out of that rut, there is a sense of peace that is very relieving. Also the ability to focus on bigger and better things. My calendar is chocofuckingblocked over the course of the next few weekends. Sayonara to rides and parties for a bit. It will be interesting and knowing me I will manage to do something of sorts to keep sanity levels at bay.

So that being said, and as brekkie is around the corner, it is time to get going. Early morning Spotify and the Fluid speakers are quite something. She was an expensive toy to pick up, but bloomin isabella – she is worth it.

chop chop. train’s gotta rumble.

‘ere’s to a sat-huh-day !

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