Its a Friday evening. Boy o Boy – it sure is. A bit on the lonely side, but then ive got two women who are keeping me busy. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, one is a 1.3L MJD, another is a 650cc petrol hogger.

Motorhead is playing. And Lemmy’s voice is definitely something to heed to. There’s also beer. A few of them.

An entire day spent at the garage and didn’t really get to finish what I wanted to? If I had the Mjolnir and fucking worthy of it, I would have smashed a few. But alas, not there yet. So that piss of an excuse called beer is what is keeping me in-sane.

Anyway, its an interesting weekend so far. Should have been on the road, but this one has a mind of her own. Wants all the pampering. But given the roads I ride her through, I should be a bit sympathetic and give her some space and TLC.

Friday night, beer, Lemmy and now Greenday, its pretty cool so far. Miss the lady though. But sometimes one cant have everything. So making the best of whatever one can do, there’s a chicken that is dying for me right now- part of my dinner.

As I have always believed – life is always interesting. Got to smile through it all. It has helped me all these years, and am I about to stop – hell fucking no.

There’s so much I’ve wanted to write over the last few months.. 2 reasons why thoughts never got into text . 1. past experience 2. one motherfucking keyboard I’ve got. But leave all that now. I am actually happy of letting it go and keying it in. Its been long pending in my opinion.

So , Friday night. Quite brilliant after a long time. And being alone, after a long time. Quite alright in my dictionary.

So. Irene – From bearings today to oil tomorrow, she is going to be happy as a kite. Avril – new gear shaft and a filter, I hope she is okay with it.

So the chick’s here and it will be disrespectful if we dont open her up immediately

cheers ya’ll

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