Mark Knopler

Over the years, I’ve grown up to a wide genre of music. From GnR to Imagine dragons, my horizon has been stretched countless times. There are times when I’ve liked the pulsating dik-chik of synthetic music as well.

All that said and heard, the one thing that really brings me back to sanity is the one and only Mark Knopfler.

Was it that tape I picked up way back in 1999 of Dire Straits or the newfound love for his music as he slammed song after song that struck a chord, Mark Knopfler’s songs have always brought me back to the ground.

Sitting just a few minutes after midnight and letting YouTube do it’s thing of playing a MK’s concert, there’s that peace that fills you as his voice reaches to your insides. Not to forget the brilliant music that goes with it.

July was chaotic. Crawling back to sanity, here’s hoping the best for August.

COVID-19 is still on. Bugger. There goes all the travel plans into the steamer. The only hope is surviving this to spin a few yarns in the years that follow.

Back to Mark Knopfler and the happy ever after.


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