Saturday afternoon

Its a Saturday afternoon. Say what? It has been such a lame ass week that it doesn’t feel like a Saturday afternoon.

What the fuck happened?

oh yeah, Covid-19. From season 1 to season 2, she’s turned from bitch to whore mode who’s collecting like never before. On one side it is sad to see what the fuck is happening around the city/country/world. On another hand there are those happy motherfuckers who are jaywalking like its fucking 15th of August.

That and the fact I cant meet her. Damn.

The weekday grind has been quite interesting. Contracts here and there, dependencies here are there and before you know it, a whole week goes by.

Drinking away in gloom misery on a Saturday afternoon, I am hoping for better sunrises as our planet goes through this pandemic.

I miss the motorcycle rides, the normal life, the biker parties, the normalcy of life as we know. The irritation of traffic and tight deadlines. Will we get back to what it used to be or be all geeky and say – this is the new normal?

So many questions and beer is the only answer.

It is such a depressing Saturday and I cannot but whine. But then with AC/DC waking up all my neighbors, writing was the best thing to do. Its been a while since I have written and it not because i didn’t have the time. I had a fucking lot of it, but there was nothing to write about.

Day in and day out was the same schedule. Wake up, get to yoga class, walk and then get to work and then squeeze in breakfast, lunch and then back to work. All this while there are 2 souls who want to be with each other but have 32 fucking kilometers between each other and a whole lot of cops. a.k.a lock-down.

But then good days will soon be around. Just have to wait for it. It is the waiting that is the bitch. But when there’s video calls, why worry. Doesn’t make up even an ounce for the real deal though.

But despite the challenges, there are so many breakthroughs and looks like we’re getting official. Much to our surprise. But life is very interesting.

Gotta love #spotify. All this while i rooted for #applemusic but dude, spotify is a whole different level. Their algorithm to churn out music is unfuckingbelievable. I have been an ardent apple music fan for over 2 years, but spotify is my thing now. The way the right songs fit into the right scene is bleddy brilliant.

Enough advertisement for music. I was all set to write last night, there was a kazilion thoughts in my head but there wasn’t that right spark. But with the beer and the music today, everything is falling into place.

As the week spills into another one, my deepest condolences to my friends who lost their family. It is sad… every other day there is someone dying. It is not fair. Whoever brought out this virus out.. dude.. I dont know what to tell you, but you/them don’t realize the extent of damage caused. People may forget, but time has a different way of setting things straight.

As Judas Priest screams away, the reality of Saturday stares right into my face.

Would I want it any other way? No. Why? It is the choices we make. and for the limited time we have in seeing the multiple sunrise’s , this is the best choice.

In all this, I spoke to her mum. Nervous laughter all around. Next is chai. lunch. Kidnap. Brilliant.

All in a Saturday. Stay home homies. Get drunk and sleep. It is truly a wild world out there.


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