Grace, hope and smiles

It’s the year 2021 and everyone thought the worst was over and life would be back to normal. Turns out we were all wrong.

Going by the latest trends, 2020 seemed much better.

I’ve written this line so many times, but somehow it is very relevant even today – life as we know it has changed. Bring alive every new day seems very gratifying and thankful to God for giving another day in our lives.

When will this end? When will death have its fill? Questions that have no definitive answer but only the hope of knowing that God is watching over all that is happening and is greater than death.

The news of loss is too much to bear. If anyone has the power to change all this, it is only God because as humans, we suck. There is so much happening, but the politicians are fighting it out, there are bots spreading rumours, there are people trying to make money, corporates striking deals.

Where did humanity go? Makes you wonder if it existed in the first place.

The desire is to experience life in its beauty and not be fearful and for that desire to be fulfilled, divine intervention is the only way out.

As the word is written, God hears every single prayer and without doubt, he answers. In the meantime, the only thing to do is, mask up and stay indoors.

To the people healing, remember that God has your back too. Got to be cheerful at all times because more than anything or anyone, only God can heal you.

My post is predominately about God and His mercy because as much as life seems so glum, it is encouraging to know God’s mercy is new every morning.

Stay hopeful, stay safe.


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