Life is short

Its Friday evening, Alanis Morisette is screaming away, my first meal of the day is cooking and I cant help but write.

All these days with such hectic schedules and dim scope of life, things seem so grey.

The grim reaper is on a journey of a lifetime.. That motherfucker has never collected so many like now. And boy, are the rewards at its peak.

Life as we know it has changed. Fucked is a polite word in this context. So many folks – known, unknown are falling like flies. It is disheartening to see and read things. Woe to whoever who thought of letting loose something like this. Woe to the heart of man who brought this upon mankind. This is certainly not something that happened because some motherfucking tectonic plates shifted and changed the course of how the earth did her strip dance across the sun.

What have we become? The news is horrendous and sometimes letting Alanis yell is much better. But in all of this, we have to sustain, have to survive and have to stay alive.

Here is Friday, another week down. Dejavu memories of April 2020 come flashing before one’s eyes. While the mandate was to light a candle and

Vijay in his movie sang that song – Dont be serious, life is short. So effing true. Life is so short, unpredictable. For those who have survived the ordeal, this seems surreal. Life has given them a second chance to live but not without scars.

Life is for living, but the way the boatman is moving, there ain’t no space to live.

But in all of this, God’s promises holds true. As the psalmist says -1000 may fall at my side, ten thousand at my right, but nothing will befall me. Holding on to those promises like its the last thing available, one can only hope.

Mask up. If you haven’t, fucking shame on you. Motherfucker- mask up. Not only will you save yourself, but others too.

Life is short nanba, stay safe.

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