Holy fuckamolly

Its been a grueling week. Lets just accept the fact that the week has been absolutely fucking ruthless. But in all of it, things seem good.

Its not everyday that one’s plate is overflowing and fucking staining every piece of clothing waist down. Given the circumstances, this is a good thing. Reminder to self – Be fucking grateful

5 pints of beer and a few swigs of Bacardi and Mark Knopfler, the entire world seems flat. Holy Joe, this seems pretty good.

Am i missing the babe? Of course i am. It has been absolutely crazy so far and with some sunshine down that fucking door, it would be nice to have company.

My Bain’s buddies are real buddies. From the chats, looks like everyone has been fucked this week. When rape is inevitable, enjoy it. ( now don’t get all senti on me, this is purely corporate parlance).

Mark Knopfler has that charm. He has that fucking charm man. He is too good. With all the alcohol raging inside, his music is such a brilliant dose of sanity.

The reality is – it has been a fucking crazy week. But no complaints. God’s grace has held up so far. For me. For her. For everyone. Thank God for small mercies.

The alcohol flows. I miss her. Cheers.

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