And like that, I got it done. I was not over the 45+ age limit, but given my ticker condition, I thought it made sense to get it done at the earliest.

I wanted to document the whole process, the after effects and all of that, but then I was busy fending off a fever over the weekend and spilling into the weekday as well.

There was quite a bit of procedure to get this jab done. Had to stop my heart meds 72 hours pre and post the shot, spread out my schedule for the day and also ensure the weekend was going to be relatively free.

Having arrived early, the jab took about 30 seconds to get done and there was no immediate pain after. Stopped over for a quick breakfast at Hot chips, I remember I was sweating profusely. It could have been the heat, the food digesting and the vaccine finding its way through my blood stream. All in all, it was a lot of interesting things happening inside of me.

As the day went by, things seemed absolutely normal. I got the AstraZeneca manufactured Covishield which had significant reactions as compared to the Indian manufactured Covaxin. But to me, nothing seemed different. All that changed post 7 PM after a quick shower.

Damm, the tiredness hit like a sponge. The beauty is that it didn’t really hit you, but deep inside you knew a lot of things were working and sweat was pouring out of my pores like I was working out.

This shit was real. The only thought in my head was – was this the right thing to do?

Thank God for miracles, he definitely knew how to take care of me. The night went by fairly well. The next day was hazy, but it didn’t deter me. As midday hit, so did the damm fever. 500mg was not going to work. Popping in a gram of paracetamol, I was out like a light. Survival tactics were working at the back of my head while my body was trying to cope with the new visitor from yesterday.

Waking up to some yummy food, the cheesecake from breakfast was all smiles. That damm fellow didn’t find his way through my digestive tract. Puking away, there was some sort of relief in sorting out undigested food. This also meant that I needed to get more rest. I did not envision any of this development but the beauty of an adventure is to face the unexpected.

Both mustering all the courage we could, muttering every prayer we could, the night went by rather well. Sometime after midnight, the fever broke. Hurrah!

It was about time. There was celebration in the air, it was finally good to be out of the woods, but I wasn’t out of the forest yet. Prayer works. Like clockwork. I cannot be more grateful.

The miracles are not stopping, Praise God for each and every one of them. As Monday dawned on by, I felt my old strength return. The chennai sun is back and with a huge libido. It is going to be a very interesting summer.

Tomorrow a friend of mine gets his shot. It is going to be fun 🙂

More adventures to come.

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