In a few minutes from now, we start a new month. Q2 of 2021. The last 3 months ran though the world has been brought to a grinding halt thanks to a raging pandemic. Irony cannot be better explained.

Sitting back in the comfort of my couch after a much needed workout at the neighborhood gym, my mind just wanders through the series of turns in this journey called life.

Riding on the AH2, it was a dream to ride into Kathmandu on #irene. The AH roads are a dream and AH2 is a beautiful stretch that starts in Indonesia and travels to Iran. The stretch we were on was called the Mahendra Highway. If I recall correctly, it was the first time we were hearing of this corona virus in Kathmandu and to avoid visiting the city if possible.

Fast forward 26 months from that news, the world is still grounded. Travel across the oceans now seems a distant dream, a motorcycle ride across states is super risky and a party to meet long time buddies and riding pals is a strict no no.

Amidst all this, the wheels of life are spinning away in its pace. Despite the number of deaths, I must thank God for his continual mercies, unending miracles and divine intervention.

As the second wave as what they call it rages through, the people have discarded the need to be careful and are taking this invisible beast head on. May the Lord have mercy! Hearing first hand reports of those who have been through the ordeal of hospitals, steroids and medicines, this one is not to be taken easy.

With a few minutes to go before we enter a new month, here is saying a small word of prayer to each of you. We all need it. The world is at the brink of a lot of things, and the only hope is that common sense and presence of mind prevails. The next generation is too young to fend for themselves.

Cheers. To life. To sunshine. To health.

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