Passing days

Sometime around this time a year ago, the world as we knew it changed.

Someone at some lab discovered something that brought the entire world to nothing. It was in the air, in the clouds and as minuscule as it was, it brought towering businesses to their feet, powerful people to their knees and stopped the fast paced life we all knew for all these years.

A year later, the saga continues. The human race as we know is literally surviving to thrive and in my opinion, we will, and only by grace we will.

Time is flying.. we’ve already passed the half way mark into the month and it seemed like the month just started.

With all this raging pandemic and crazy schedules, there’s one thing that puts out such a wonderful smile on our faces, #irene.

With #avril being out for some essential TLC, it was #irene’s turn on the saddle. Running on nitro mode from the word go, she never failed to put a smile wide enough to surpass any pandemic.

There is such joy and happiness just coasting along the roads with the wind on your face, cool breeze from all sides and the rumble of her exhausts that sees you sailing straight through.

It was a good ride, good memories created and yummy chai all the way.

As we continue to wear our masks and look all dapper, here’s saying a small prayer for our safety, health and well-being.


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