Wish you were here

The time on my laptop reads 00:56 which is pretty much my usual bed time, but today I have a feeling I would be up for a little bit longer. It was a long day at work with standing on my feet for about 5 odd hours and presenting a topic unknown to me but the words were flying off my mouth. I was quite surprised at myself for most part of the day.

This trip is getting interesting with every passing day and I can only be thankful for grace being bestowed on me.

Moving on, YouTube is busy playing a nice set of acoustic songs, the first one being Patience, followed by Pink Floyd’s – Wish you were here. Was the universe trying to tell me something ? If yes, I definitely wish you were here, right here with me.

Busy stuffing my face with the yummy Thalassery styled beef biriyani and sipping on a cold pint of Becks, I had a smile on my face. There were so many words in my head, and I had to leave the plate to key them in.

Time was being a bitch, running super slow and in its own pace. But then sometimes the wheels turn in their own pace. Gotta live with it. The phone calls help, but nothing beats the real deal. Sigh

Today’s sunset was a beautiful view and looking out the window from the men’s restroom was quite a sight. I just had to click a view of it. The skies were so pretty with all the right colors at the right time and I was at the right place. Talk about timing eh, lol.

I had a fun plan for the evening. Wrap up my calls and find a way to explore the hotel’s gym facility. And as interesting as the day had been so far, I had ad-hoc calls scheduled that slipped right into dinner time. So much for planning.

Sometimes when it is time for the tummy, you just gotta drop everything you have.. and that is precisely what we did today. Aditya and myself planned a call for later and we jumped into the car with only one thing in mind – Food. Back at that mallu joint, Kidilum, I was ordering what ever my mind wanted, but after downing the second plate of chicken, I realized my tummy was super full. But no – the beef biriyani was just waltzing down the aisle. Sigh !!

So, at 113 AM while im stuffing my face with the yummilicious biriyani, a hot cuppa chai is brewing by the side. Some consolation to the ticker of mine.

Anyway, rambling away and living the moment, I am having a ball of a time staying out of a ~ 200 sqft room with all the necessary support at immediate reach. Reminds me of the time I was at Lysses house hotel at Fareham where I stayed for a month without a care in the world raking up a bill that was going from a corporate wallet. It is pretty much the same scene here too, minus the bacon strips in the morning.

As the moon finds its way around its monotonous orbit across the galaxy and throws this side of the world in utmost darkness, I should be hitting the sack soon. It has been a long day so far and after wrapping up the bits and pieces of pending work, I am more than happy to have a soft bed and a sorted roof over my head.

My choices at 128 AM. One of these will be my wake up drink 🙂

Praise God for small mercies and big miracles. Same applies for small miracles and big mercies too.

To more adventures in the upcoming day. Cheers.

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