Trip Trippa Trippin !

The Jeevaneson blood line is known not to plan anything but squeeze the maximum fun life has to offer. I might be challenging that to start my own blood line.

Got the news at 8PM on Sunday night that a imminent road trip was on the cards. A road trip for which both Avril and I weren’t geared up for. But hey, isn’t that where the adrenaline is.

The clock ticked. First things first. Beer and Biryani. With dinner sorted, it was time to wash clothes and as the clock struck midnight, it was time to pack. Not knowing how long my travel plans were going to be, I packed all that I could find. As Apple’s playlist hummed away into the night, the dogs were barking away downstairs, but my head were busy playing mix and match with the clothes I had.

I wished I had more black. No one can have enough of black – shirts or trousers. Always good to keep that hunt going on and on.. To find the perfect black that is both sexy and suave and affordable and what not. While the hunt continues, I will probably call up Jothi textiles to find out what he got… though M&S is still bae.

Anyway, not losing track, driving out on a Monday morning that too for an official trip is definitely something super cool. While there was tons of things to discuss when I reach the customer location, I did not have the tiniest aorta idea of what I was going to talk, present or how the day was going to go. But sometimes in Rome, you gotta be roman and things will fall into place.

Avril is an absolute darling. She does those 130+ clicks effortlessly that makes you appreciate the Italianess in her and the way she is. So till Ranipet, the roads were so so, the roads after that till Chitoor was holy fuck-eral. Like for real, how long were they laying the roads?

Stopped for breakfast cos the tummy was hungry and after Idli and black coffee, the tarmac scene changed. It was butter smooth cement roads all the way with Avril in her element. Makes you smile the way she moves, her ability to sneak into corners at 120 Kmph, putting other heavy weight engines to shame.

She’s only 1.3 L, but baby, she can move. Clicks 170+ on a straight stretch and sitting behind the wheel at that speed, it feels absolutely amazing !

Jumping tracks.. Mulbagal went by, Kolar zipped on – the hotel we stayed in during the Bikerni event passed by, KGF passed by and soon, I was at Holiday Inn Express. Praise God for miracles and was so thankful for the accommodation being sorted out.

By God’s grace got here safe and sound and then reduced pace with the crazy Bangalore traffic. But nonetheless, a monday worth remembering.

Work took its toll. I got about 3 hours sleep last night, but still awake now with a couple of Becks’, things seem so brilliant. This was what I dreamed of many moons ago, and today it is reality. Miracles, miracles, miracles ! Praise God with all my soul.

While Mark knopfler is crooning to Sonny’s going miles and miles, Mustang is definitely clocking them.

Cheers – To more of everything. Because, the wheels never stop turning.

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