There’s something about those two wheels. The sense of freedom, happiness and joy as you coast along the roads, watching people sit in their fancy air conditioned cages aka cars while life seems to be happening right in front of your eyes.

Even better when you have someone to share your ride.

Was out on #irene after quite a while and boy it felt good. The traffic was a bummer though and had to crawl inch by inch. But the ride back home was easy peasy. Empty roads, the ever so slight chill in the air and the roar of her exhausts infused new life into my soul.

Motorcycles have always charmed – both the rider and the admirer. The speed, agility and pleasure is second to none. True – the really fancy cars can do that too, but try encountering a pot hole while you take a nice wide turn and see how your heart pops into a million pieces.

Talking about pops, a cheeky asshole decided to go against traffic in hope to cross the signal. As luck would have had it, the signal turned red and the cop at the junction signalled this guy to come through to avoid congestion.

Our darling boy driving a test drive vehicle did not calculate the turn correctly and ended up wedging the left side of the car on the pavement. That’s at least a few thousands in terms of repair. B-pillar scratched and dented, both front and rear doors will have a bit of damage too. God bless you buddy.

Though I drive a car and ride a motorcycle, the joy of riding #irene is just brilliant. With company, it makes the whole experience so much more better. The closeness, the warmth and the memories become so much more fonder between those two wheels.

I’ve seen this happening – at traffic signals. People in cars would roll down their window, admire #irene and smile. Life has such simple joys – motorcycle, chai and company.

In this dog eat dog rat race we are all in , it’s the simple joys that will last the longest and be the fondest.

Riding a motorcycle brings back that joy and happiness. Of life, memories and travel ideas.


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