Hello March

It’s surprising how time flies even though there’s a pandemic raging across the world. Last March, shit hit the fan with the world going into lockdown and what not and today, a year later, none seems to be bothered two hoots about it.

Time flies and we’ve just gotta move on. The last year has seen so many losses and has brought people to their knees. But it also saw miracles and grace that abounded where nothing else could prevail.

And with the turn of the tide, we’re in a new month.

For almost a year I’ve been working from home and it has become a new normal. Stepping into an office building being all dressed up and pish posh is going to be so weird- in the event things open up. Which I highly doubt.

And in the last 12 months, there have been so many changes around the world. The way business is conducted has changed, the way people interact has changed, meeting rules have been redefined, learning has been revolutionised and life as we know it changed.

As the sun continues its daily routine of rising in the east and setting in the west, one can only be thankful for the gift of life, health and strength.

Also the joy of miracles. Life changed for me, brought about a smile on my face and changed the way I thought and behaved. The timing couldn’t have been any better and though the world is crashing, God’s grace never fails.

As this new month starts off and as the days go by in meaningful memories, here’s a small prayer to keep us safe. As the psalmist wrote – 1000 may fall at my right and 10000 at my side, yet no harm will befall me.


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