Sighrene- who ?

It started off as a normal thursday, chocoblocked at work with a kazillion calls. But as the sun went about its daily cycle of setting into the horizon, the evening just got very interesting.

A quick call to the garage folks confirmed one thing – Irene was going to get her long long pending TLC and the second was – It was going to be a surprising evening.

Starting up Irene and in the first 1 km, the smile on my face quickly disappeared. This did not feel like #irene at all. There was something amiss.. hell – there was tons of things amiss. Her throttle response was dead, tyres felt spongy, the rear wheel had a mind of its own and the exhaust grunt did not sound well at all.

First thought was – Air pressure was low and I had to top it up. Understandable as I had not checked the tyre pressure after the new year ride. But interesting as it seemed, there was no fuel bunk on the way all the way to OMR. Can you fucking believe that ? Jeez.

Opening up the throttle felt like sluggish as fuck and I was genuinely concerned now. In my head – I felt the air filter was flooded, the throttle cable was rusted and the tyres needed air. But I was going to let Basil and Shankar take their call on it.

Surprise message number 1 happened. And that brought back the smile on my face. But it was past 6 PM and it was a working day.

Basil’s feedback after belting #irene was almost on the same lines as what I figured. He added a wheel bearing being shot in the list of items that needed attention.

The evening started and things were beginning to look up already. Sometimes words are not enough to express how certain pieces of the puzzle can fall into the right place at the right time. Traffic was bustling by, but none of that mattered. All that mattered was the grins that lit up the evening.

Time flies by when you’re doing the right thing. And it sure did. The clock suddenly showed 10 and the only expression possible was.. sigh !!

Thursday evening done absolutely right, the smile was totally back. And it was not just a smile, it was a super broad grin. It could have gotten even more better, but the evening was turning to becoming a late night rather quickly.

Getting back on the saddle, now this felt the #irene I knew. Crisp throttle response, all of her 46 odd horses springing with every yank of the throttle, the ride back home was absolutely brilliant. There are still more changes to be made which will happen in the course of next week.

But for now, #irene was back.

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