2 minutes to midnight ! It’s been a crazy day so far. Started off absolutely brilliant but as the sun came up, so did the calendar schedules. And boy they were packed !!

A smiley start is always signs of a happy day and I had more than a smile today. Wish it was there all along the day. Wishful thinking.

As the music keeps playing from some random playlist and sitting in the cool of the night, I miss sitting by the balcony and enjoying the small joys of life.

So, we’re into the thick of February and the days ahead seem to have a lot of promise. Living one day at a time, it is nice to look forward to fun times ahead.

Talking about that, it’s time #irene got some goodies sorted out. I’ve been pushing that plan for a while now and before she decides to give me the stares, I’ll need to get things addressed.

Talking about #irene, some goodies are coming up and it will be fun to get her sorted ! Can’t wait to see what difference it will make on her.

All in good time. And all in a Wednesday.

Thursday’s calendar looks scary already. Double, triple booking of schedules ! Phew. But in all of it, so much fun in doing what I’m doing.

It’s time to get a shower ! Cheerio

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