The 130AM ramble

It’s about 130 am.. tried to hit the sack after a rather long day but somehow that doesn’t seem to be happening. Might as well write, right ?

The new earphones I picked up seem to be quite alright in my ear – these are the Sony xb400’s and they seem to be quite better than the air pods pro I used to use. Shrug moment !

So, as the minutes tick away and music streams in its own way, it’s a Sunday in the making.

Sigh. You know the feeling when you think your mind has full of things and at the same time you feel your mind has nothing. I’m in that spot now.

What would be nice is company. But that’s wishful thinking. Bigger sigh.

So. Sunday morning. Covid19, so no church. At least physically. Rides – Good idea but it’s way too late now to get up early to get on a ride.

Work ? Maybe. It helps put the balance in chaos.

Anyway.. about 6 minutes since i started writing, I’ve got Mark Knopfler ringing in quite well and that’s some soul music to relax my filled empty mind.

Feels bla ! Need to figure it out.


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