The two wheeled magic

There’s a certain magic about swinging your leg on to a motorcycle. It is like triggering a remote switch to the riders’ mind and heart when you flip that ignition switch.

The rev meter starts and there’s an immediate surge of happiness that flows through your veins. I doubt if there are words to explain the various intricacies that are stimulated as your thumb clicks on the starter switch.

This applies to the modern machines. The surge was even higher when you had to kick-start a motorcycle. The feeling of exhilaration puts the verbatim vocabulary to shame.

This Sunday was exactly that. It had been a couple weeks since #irene and I headed out and this Sunday was not going to be a hat-trick. A quick message to the club confirmed I had company which made it even better.

The alarm went off and while it was tempting to get back under the sheets, riding out was a much better idea.

Taking off on some of the familiar roads, it was absolutely beautiful to see so many motorcycle enthusiasts scream past in their machines. The ECR is an enthusiast hub during the weekends, especially Sundays. Club rides, individual enthusiasts, pulingos, selfie freaks, cuddly couples and the list go on and on land up on the ECR and it is a lot of fun.

Meeting Appa Kou and Hema sir after such a long time, it was good fun riding out. 1 Int650, 1 Himalayan and 1 Ninja300.

It was going to be a slow run, but lots of fun nonetheless. As #irene set her pace at about 3500 rpm, I was passing by familiar sights.. and happiness put a broad smile across my face.

That road has some charm and a lot of memories.

Mababs came by and the engine hadn’t even warmed up. Nope, we werent stopping.. Signalling to ride up ahead, we were soon away from the din of the chamak bikers, and heading past Kalpakkam. Every chai shop had scores of bikers lined up. The chamak boys must have belted their engines for the 30 odd kms to Mahabs and called it quits after that.

Riding onward on semi empty roads, there were a zillion thoughts running through my head. Most times, a ride sorts things out.. but nothing happens in a jiffy.

Past the Kalpakkam junction, we continued ahead. There’s a new junction to bypass a small town and true to my instinct, there was a mallu chai shop setup just at the junction. They never disappoint.

For a while relaxed conversations and lock-down memories flowed through the glasses of black tea. The last time we spoke of anything remotely motorcycling was in Jan as we met up at Bagdogara airport after riding back from Nepal.. and here we were in December.

Chai done, we were back on the roads- this time Mamalla – the iconic biker hub. Prior to Covid-19, Motel Mamalla would be jam packed by bikers on Sunday mornings. That parking lot would be valued at a few crores during those few hours.

Pulling into the parking lot, it was nice seeing loads of familiar faces. Ironically, was meeting Kannan sir ( a JAWA enthusiast and a legend) exactly after a year at the same time. Talk about memories.

Small tables became big tables and for that moment, the world felt like how it was. Covid-19 free.

So much laughter, so many memories during breakfast. The best was this. Kannan sir had two root canal operations last night.. and was wincing with pain all through the night. Decided to ride out in the morning hoping to find some relief, but finds out he’s cured of pain. Go figure.

That is the magic of motorcycling. Heals. and Heals. and Heals again. I’m testament to it for 15 years.

This ride felt “organized” compared to my other Sunday morning runs, but this was a breath of fresh air. Helped put thoughts into place, prayers said right and wounds healed tight.

There is magic in the air while on a motorcycle. The stars are brighter and the horizon never ends. It becomes a world of endless possibilities. It switches on the happy hormone in your body like no other.

The line – Two wheels moves your soul is absolutely true.

With Covid19 limiting tour plans, here’s hoping that 2021 has a better plan for the world. There’s a lot of things to be seen, lots of food to be eaten and ton loads of memories to be made.

Let the magic continue .. Cheers

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