A December Thursday

As the Fluid’s thump out soul music and the apple doing its bit, I’m letting the still of the night sink in. It was a fucking crazy day and classic rock is just what I need.

Would have turned the volume higher, but tad concerned of my neighbours.

As the flavoured spirit makes its way through my insides, I feel my eyebrows sparkle up in happiness. Like manna in a desert.

The last few days have been chocoblocked like never before and I absolutely love it. Yeah – a bit of nervousness and all that with my review calls.. but the rush is absolutely brilliant. Something tells me that I’ve just started shifting gears towards bigger things.. but I don’t think that far.

Despite all of this, there’s the joy of chai. Brilliant drink it is.. and if ccd said – coffee makes things happen, chai is on another level altogether. Great start to the day, ensures happiness all the way. Reminds me of cheesy movie scenes though. Haha !

Christmas is coming. Irene and I need to get out. Wind on my face, pee into the free air.. all of that.

Should I do a 2007 and spend Christmas on the road ? Tempting. I miss those times. Birdie and me thundering down NH47, on the L&T highway, feeling free. Everything is a circle no ?

Well.. one thing at a time. As the music plays through, my glass is filled again. Peace descends.

17th day of the 12th in the year of covid19, I can’t stop thanking God for endless miracles. There’s still 13 days to go and my arms are still outstretched to the heavens.

Santa is coming… but Bacardi is here already ! Cheers

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