Alochitondo ? Njan illa. Pashe ippom ondu.

It was easier known as 3rd person perspective. But we’re in 2020 mole, so ithuvum advance aaypoy.

Manglish seems to be quite interesting.. a first for me in sooo many years. Perhaps it’s the coconut oil effect. Perhaps it’s just the heart aching.

So delving into this, looking from the fourth person perspective, nothing makes sense. Absolutely nothing. Pashe onnum illathe cup ila chaya ozhichathu.

Jeevanam valara rasam a ! Sunrise nu wait cheyyum bol mazha peyum… Naal naari povumbala suriyan namaskaram parenuthu.

Namada timing athrem best a ! Enthu cheyyana .. aarunum oru kindi samayam illa. Ellarunum ippale areenam.

Jeevanam enthengi kituvo ? Oru mannum illa..

Pashe ee naalamthe paarvelotu nokunthe idea – 2020 nde bestu plan !!!

While my rambling felt like actual rambling it is key to understand that you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

And my first priority was, Charon !

Ende amachi e ! Maduthu. Kondoiki .. mathi ithu ellam. Kandathu mathi. Onnu oringiya mathi. Sosthamayutu.

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