The Prodigal

Tuning into church after a long gap thanks to covid-19 and slacking on priority, it was heartwarming to listen about God’s grace and his love he has for children. Based on past experience, I have always received God’s word at the right time, especially during dire straits and this was no different.

The teaching was about the prodigal son in the Bible, a parable that I have read many times when I was young and was also taught in Sunday school of not the way to behave or act when grown up. The carelessness and callousness of the second son leads him into shit-street, but when he does return, the father doesn’t rebuke him or discard in any way at all.

Great parable, excellent lesson and most times needed. In a way, most of us are prodigals. I choose the word most, because not all are excellent in being the way most are.

Anyway, the story hit home, at least for me it stung like a bee and truthfully, home is where I want to get to. Now if the boatman will find his way, Ill pay him my dues and set course. Peter might not want to receive me, but if I were to take some excerpts from the parable today, I might get a welcome nonetheless.

Upwards and Onwards.

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