Living.. experiencing .. jumping.. and then letting out that breath in slow contention is what comprises of a single breath – if done right.

How many times do we do it? We’re busy either copy pasting a document or a line of code or coming up with a product to sell .. or paying credit card bills.

Today ain’t an introspective morning but more of a thoughtful point. In order words – I need a shot of old monk and coke.

But on hindsight, If my sober mind can conjure some numbers, the 99% of 7.8 billion are in that quest of peace caused by the unrest of the 1%. How interestingly ironically true.

True to Daisy and the hillbilly, gotta keep calm when the world fails and gotta fear the grim reaper is quite true.. especially as we near the dawn of the end of the second decade after the y2k bend.

Man o man – was there occupancy in Mars ? Maybe I’ll check with MMT. Heard some great deals were swinging by. Veruno?

Pinne, OMG is old school. OMC is what is in now. Kitilengi, kittathilla.

Off to MMT

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