Ende ponnu theivame.. Ormagal !!

Gotta keep adding them, you know. It’s the best way to avoid the grey and focus on the sexy black of life.

Ever since lessons from amachi dawned, it’s been add on Sally to the memory express. Cups of black and wisps of kings ruled the dawn of day while the crisp of the night went in shadow play and desirable dreams.

And then in the waves of affection landed the woes of the law. Pulled up like slim shady on a slab of butter and let’s just say it was insipid timing !

We’ve heard of pop goes the weasel, this was more of fuck goes the day.

As the sun awoke, so did a deal. Struck in time between fleeting glimpses of the moon and awakening of the sun, Jack and Jill were quite elated. Grace was the hero of the day.

Back to black and wisps of leaves, peals of laughter calmed the raging seas. Neither Estro nor testo could touch adreno that was blazing on nitro, but next time spidey, look around.

Nico for the nerves and flavino for the soul kept the meter ticking. As motors spinning over 8k rpm blazed past, intermittent laughter and tons of sighs ensured air filters were as expected and the ticker was in sync.

All said and done, it was +1 to the list. Rude awakening – maybe a tad. Evaluative cognizance – absolutely yes, thrilling experience- hell yeah.. repeat performance- no fucking way.

Today it was all about burst. Adreno and laughter. Everything else in between tried their best.. but didn’t last through it all. Maybe the blue pill – suggestive.

Anyways.. God saved the queen and Shell wiped the glass clean.

All in all – a perfect story for a perfect evening with the perfect company that would laugh at all the imperfections of the dawning day.

But hey – isn’t that what makes the word – memories absofuckinutely amazing !

Cheerio and stay tuned.. this train is on the move

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