The lessons – O my amachi !

Okay ! Not even 7 days into 38 and boy o motherfucking boy – Its been quite something. The revelations are quite astounding where I find myself staring at the pit of shame and wondering what in the heavenly fucking name was I doing all along ?

Questions without the right answers, like a horse with no name and a beer with no fizz is how I seem to be right now. Sometimes the mysteries have a simple answer but is so fucking difficult to execute no? Which is why i love the guillotine – swift, clean and merciless.

But in all of this, it has been an interesting week from the minute I set foot into December. Was this #irene’s way of reminding me that it has been a while since I got on the roads or was this divine intervention.

Either ways, there’s one more to the ‘suck it in’ bag and I continue to plod on.

The lessons – Dont know man. For a guy who plans ( and most of the are fucked up, anyways), I know the route, but i honestly don’t have the patience.

Well – hopefully time has a way of fixing things. Else – its probably to wish for the boatman. Either ways, wheels got to turn and the heart’s got to burn because that is just the way it is.

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