Tea Lessons

Interesting how life teaches you lessons every time, irrespective of how young or old you may be.

It took me 38 years to finally let the lesson of sharing and caring sink into my head. And I’m glad it did.

Through my growing years, I’ve picked up bits and pieces of ideas along the roads of life and formed a certain image of magnanimity up in there. As the hot sips of black tea dribbled its way into my intestines, the spark of realisation found its way upwards and hit a home run.

Was it a revelation?- yes.. Did it provide perspective?- yes. And boy o boy – it felt good.

I should have probably adopted this in my life much earlier, but sometimes you think that’s the way of being nice. In short, to make the best tea you only need a few tea leaves, not the entire stem.

Magnanimity is brilliant, but if in excess, it spoils.

Life is full of surprises and happiness. I’m glad I’m on the side of learning and admiring.

Cheerio 38

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