The detailed 38

I’m finally here. Moving from size XL to XXL, if you get the drift and the feeling is actually sinking in.

To the ones that have been here and crossed this milestone, this could be just another year but not for me. To me, this seems to be the mother of all milestones. Not everyone outlives their parents, at least none of the folks I know but somehow I’m here.

There was a roadblock 5 years ago but that didn’t stop me from reaching here. Pretty interestingly impressive in my books. It is not every time the boatman goes back empty.

The first half of the day went by with tons of wishes, phone calls and social media posts and as I glide into the rest of the day, things look bright and beautiful. Of course, KF is the king of good times. So is classic rock.

Kneeling to saying a word of prayer last evening I was thanking God for everything so far. The journey has been interesting, so to say. If I have to introspect, it has been quite a journey. And it did have its potholes, ditches and silky smooth roads, but through it all, God’s grace has been a guiding light. Something I will forever be grateful for.

Tom petty is crooning Free falling, and boy o boy, that’s exactly what I feel right now. My old folks better be looking down at me and cheering me cos there ain’t a living soul here that would.

Leaving all of that behind and moving ahead, I believe the roads ahead should be interesting to conquer. Hey, give me credit for the last 37 years of riding through rough roads and what not.

Music has a way of melting one’s heart in ways more than one and sometimes the words speak to your soul. Add some beer to the mix and the combination will beat the best of the best of the best shrink in town.

This year has been nothing short of multiple miracles so far and there are 27 days to go before we roll the curtains on 2020, but I am hoping for one more. Will it happen this year? Ill just have to wait it out.

Plodding on, the key of going ahead is very simple – Keep on rocking baby ! Gotta keep rising over the tide cos sugar-pup, there ain’t no ride if you cant do that.

This year sitting with KF bottles, classic rock and at mean sea level takes me back to last year where I started drinking in Florida, continued drinking over the fucking pacific ocean all the way to Madras, 40,000 ft above the ground with brilliant food from Qatar Airlines and surprised by their hospitality team with a desert fit for a king with unlimited Wi-fi in the aircraft. To be honest – it was the best $10 spent.. on the wi-fi. The airline ticket was a bomb. LOL

I have had a good ride in my own dictionary but there are times I have envied the ones that have it all. Its grossly unfair how life is so oiled for them while some of us have to sit down to scab our skin every now and then. But then on hindsight, if you ain’t getting dirty, then you ain’t enjoying the storm. And life is a storm.

So here’s to good times, merry times, adventure filled experiences, memorable journeys and most importantly, smiley times. As I raise my pint – here’s to my old folks too. While I am kinda mad at you guys for bailing out early, I also know that there is a bigger and better plan in the making.


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