Negative !

The only time I loved the negative status.

So on Friday, a pretty looking health officer came around asking name, age and other details. And then she popped the question- can we take a test?

One part of me was like – should I ? The other part of me was like – why not ?

With the weather this way, and the number of cases rising, I just had to be sure so I was not an asymptomatic carrier.

So I asked her a lot of questions. She said – if I tested positive, I’d be in home quarantine and since I’m alone, that won’t be a issue.

If negative, let the party continue.

So jumped at the chance of getting tested.

About 45 min later, a cab pulled over.. one guy with white protective gear stepped out and shoved two swabs – one at my throat and one at each of my nostrils.

It was a new experience.

She said if positive I’ll know in 24 hours, if negative, then 48.

This happened on Friday. And come Saturday, there was no update on the online link they gave. Curiousness got the better of me, so decided to call the pretty lady and had a chat with her inquiring if the testing centres had a weekend off. We had an interesting chat, got to know where she lived, etc. and I guess I’ll be seeing more of her in the days to come. Apparently she’s been going door to door the last 6 months in this colony and knows every individual house.

I was missing my ride with Irene, so had to know.

Saturday went by – mostly in bed, Netflix and tons of phone calls.

Sunday came by and as I woke up to the 10am alarm and looked at the Sms section – one particular message caught my eye. – it said GCOVID.

Well, here it was. The moment of truth.

Opened it and result said negative.

Great way to start a Sunday. Praise God.

Cheers to safe times. Maybe should invite the pretty lady for chai next time she comes around.

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