Chicken curry

It’s a simple curry. Tomatoes, onions, ginger garlic paste, some spices and chicken. Cooked for about 30 odd minutes and is a brilliant dish that pairs brilliantly with rice or any Indian bread.

Simple as it is, it brings back so many memories to me, especially when I am making this today in trust square.

Back in 97, right about in September , Vijaya aunty who stayed as a tenant and a wonderful friend of my mum taught me how to make this simple but yummy curry.

My mum was fighting for her life between Apollo hospital and CMC vellore and at this time I was being groomed to being the master chef. Talk about interesting ways to learn !

As I chop the onions today, it’s not the onion that is making me tear up, it’s the memories from 23 years ago. This simple chicken curry has been a soul food, survival food and helped me expand my culinary skills later on in life. This helped me during some of my lonely days.

Trust square has a load of emotions attached to it. Ironical for me, but everyone has an Achilles heel. This is mine. If I remember history well, this plot was bought just a few years after my mum was born and I guess it is where she grew up for a few years. And her last ride out too.

2020 makes it 23 years since I’ve had to pick up the knife and slice those tomatoes and peel those onions. Maybe I wouldn’t have done so if my mum’s lifespan would have been longer.

I learnt a skill, but lost the inspiration. I remember her waking up at 345 AM to make my lunch which I remember was my favourite foods. Curd rice with beans, curd rice with beet root and her absolutely yummy fish curry.

As I said, chicken curry is the simplest soul food one can find in the recipe books. Everytime I cook it, I thank Vijaya aunty for this important lesson she taught me. At the same time, I miss this being cooked by my mother.

I hope she likes this.

Love you,Mom.

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