So it’s been a while since I’ve written . Nothing much has changed the last 30 odd days. Still the same work from home, the same schedule – sometimes tight, sometimes choking, sometimes alright and the same line – stay safe.

This year has been quite something so far. Long rides have gone out the window, parties out the door and as the year moves towards the last quarter, it’s taking everything up the roof.

The good side is . I’m safe. Throughout the world there are several who fell prey to the virus, lost loved ones and it is indeed a miracle to be safe and healthy.

The latest news is that RM 2021 is not happening either. Fuck me silly man ! Irene’s got everything nailed down from here to fucking 2021.

She is a star, but dude, she’s itching for a long ride. Maybe later next year I guess.

After quite a few weeks, I’m happy to put up TGIF. It’s been a very interesting week so far and tomorrow looks existing already.


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