Avril – quieter, faster

Okay, it’s late AF and my eyes are burning, but when you’ve gotta write, you’ve just gotta write.

Today, I mean yesterday was quite interesting. Piled in oodles of work and burnt out grey cells, getting an opportunity to drive out for an errand was like a breath of fresh air.

With the whole restrictions and jazz, taking #irene out seemed a bit dicey – since the petrol bunks were closed too and she didn’t have much fuel in her. So it was going to be #avril for the right burst of adrenaline, joy and happiness.

Ever since she got her share of pampering, she’s been a joy to drive. The audio sounds brilliant inside the well damped car cabin and the accelerator pedal seemed to go on and on.

It was late at night and the roads were empty as well. Opening her up on all gears seemed to be fun. There was something different about the way she moved and I loved it.

The drive across the empty state highway was pulsating especially with the speakers rocking it all the way.

Well, so far I’m loving this whole new feeling of Avril. And I must say she’s making me love her more than the usual.

The drive back home was equally thrilling with her needle pouting the north side of 90 kmph.

Good fun, good memories. All set to create more.

And now I’ve gotta get my zzz else Wednesday won’t be that interesting. Cheers


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