Walking in the rain

It was a packed Monday and with the rains that watered the earth a few hours ago, it was perfect to go walking in the cool of the evening.

Walking down the stairs in all eagerness, I get treated to this sight. Sigh – not again !!

Pitter patter the raindrops fell and so did my adrenaline levels.. I had to chicken out yesterday as it was drizzling and didn’t want to risk a cold, but this was happening today as well.

Sometimes one has gotta trust his cajones, say the words fuck it and keep moving those legs. Today I wasn’t going to let a few droplets get in my walking schedule.

It felt good at first and then with the regular stream of droplets falling down, it didn’t seem to matter. This felt good and I realised about missing the same opportunity last night.

Walking down the usual route, I couldn’t help but think of how a few years ago, a few of us would ride our motorcycles across the western ghats just to be drenched by the monsoons. From that to chickening out now was quite appalling.

In all these days of walking , I’ve been wishing for good weather and when I finally had it, I was thinking twice about stepping out. Sigh.

It was a a good 30 minute walk and I loved every second of it. Slow steady drizzle cooled my sweating body and while I would have loved to walk more, it was time to get home.

The walking in the rain left a interesting thing of how we get what we desire, as humans how we suddenly think too much into it and let the moment pass.

I’m glad I took the first step out and enjoyed what the moment had to offer.



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