Hola Mayans

Okay. So the 21st is here, in India. The sun is rising in Australia and the globe seems to be spinning like it has, every single day.

So what did the Mayans mean ? That with a solar eclipse , the world as we know it will cease to exist?

I was reading up on an article about the whole calculation and found it hilarious. Back in 2012, we were all supposed to have vanished , but someone came up and said – oopsie, I made a mistake in the calculation and the D-Day is actually 2020 ! With the ongoing covid19 pandemic, it seems too convenient.

Apparently there is a solar eclipse happening sometime later today and by God’s Grace, we will experience it, live through it and be around to talk about it.

In the meantime, someone is still working out the date calculations somewhere.

In my personal opinion, we’ve all hit rock bottom with the many negativities around, just as a beer lights up a smile, everything is going to turn around for the better.

Stay alive – it’s a fucking good ride.

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