Happy Father’s Day

I missed my old man today, like I missed him for the last 36 years. Everyone remembered their old man, some put up pictures, some went out of their way and did something for the leading tower in their family.

So did I, sans the pictures though.

I slept most of the day, but somewhere in the corner of my mind I tried to rack my memories from all that I’ve heard of him. He was a charming man, a live wire and someone who created memories- long enough for people to remember him after 35+ years of his demise.

I’m guessing he and me would have lit the roads and life would have turned out quite the opposite of what I’m living today.

Maybe. Or maybe not.

The truth is, though he had to go, he left a lot of his genes embedded in me. The many relatives and friends I’ve spoken to say that every action of mine reminds them of him. How cool is that ?

I remember times when I’ve really missed the man, for some sort of guidance through the shit storms I’ve been through, but all I got was figments of memory to hold on to and shine through the fog.

The one man who took his place was my Grandad. That man was tough. Taught me all I could learn on the art of negotiation, survival, etiquette and behaviour. There’s not a single day that doesn’t go by where I regret not taking a moment to listen to his advise, but hey, everyone has a different road of learning.

To all those who took the efforts to recognise, realise and rejuvenate your bond with your old man, kudos. He may be the strict one, but he’s got your back.

Today was sweet with Zoe taking the effort to send out a message to wish me for Father’s Day. Though I couldn’t meet her or take her out, it felt good to hear from her.

Life has some rewards, after all. I hope I leave enough of myself in her, so she can learn to pick up the pieces when she’s able to.

To my old man in the skies – I miss you. A very happy Father’s Day to you. Rock the skies, till I see you on the other side.

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