Saturday, you beauty!

This week has been really interesting. From the word go, it’s been so full of adrenaline and has kept me on my toes. Started off the week with an outing with #irene that helped me appreciate the Pirelli’s, the adrenaline rush of a motorcycle and the joy of happiness.

Come Monday and it was all guns blazing at work. Not that I didn’t like the experience, but accommodating myself in the already spinning wheel took a day or two. I’m safe to say I’m somewhere safe at the moment. The week that follows will help determine things.

After a long time, I was getting back to the technobabble jargon and I couldn’t be more happier. It had been a while given the transition between jobs and the thrill to rattle it out was satisfying.

And so the days rolled on by, one by one, and here come Saturday. With the COVID-19 lockdown, work from home style of working, a Saturday or a Sunday was just like any other day. But today felt different.

Managed to catch up with a good bit of sleep, waking up sometime just before midday. Spent some time working, opened up a beer, ordered in biriyani and the nap that followed felt heavenly.

A good bit of sleep later, I gave myself a hair trim, (a newly acquired talent of mine 😁) and a bath, I was out walking, this time quite early than the other days. The whole walking routine has become like therapy and hitting that 5km Mark is joyous in its own way.

I wasn’t the one to walk, but time changes things I reckon.

Settling in for the evening, i watch the skies darken and smell the sweet fragrance of the ground as the rain droplets kiss the earth. The breeze, the aroma and the experience coupled with the entire day’s events was scintillating.

Sitting down with a mug of ginger black tea and feeling that cool breeze hit my body is quite the feeling and tonight feels quite the night.

The week that begins from tomorrow is going to be riddled with work and tight work schedules among other things. The next few days, irrespective of any day is going to be Monday. Thanks to the full lockdown enforced, it is going to be quite an experience figuring how to stock up groceries among other foodie goodies.

Well, that’s a worry for another day. Right now, it’s my ginger black tea, that sweet gentle breeze that sings it’s own lullaby and the peaceful quiet deep within.

Then there’s that other thing – the Mayan thing- Apparently the world ends tomorrow.


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