Saturday again !

Here we are again.. a brilliant Saturday morning with the sun shining bright and the agenda pretty much white as snow. There were a couple things that needed to be done, which wouldn’t take much time.

After last weekend’s adventure, i was more than tempted to take Irene out for a spin again. Though we rode through sun and rain and open roads, yet the itch to ride again was very strong.

Wheeling her out of the parking lot, one cannot miss feeling the buttons of the tyre bounce before you start and ride out. Today was the same, thanks to the timsuns.

As I rode past familiar roads and passed multiple motorcycles, the one thing that caught my eye was the rounded stock tyres on most motorcycles. At that moment, I missed the stock tyres on Irene as she’s been running on tyres from the hulk series of Timsun.

These tyres look good, have a great pattern, but they aren’t the right tyres for this motorcycle. Irene is a classic and tuned to have radial ply tyres that are in tune with the suspension to ensure a plush ride. But instead, I was running off-road tyres on the bike.

Over the last few months and ever since i was back from the Kolar ride, I’ve been trying to identify a new set of tyres for Irene. Multiple conversations, forum chats and whatnot brought me back to square one – Pirelli sportscomp. My mind was made up – wait till about October and then get new rubber.

And then today the itch happened.

So before heading off to the first task of the day, I called up Deepak from Tyrestore. The intent was only to wet my appetite and not arrive at a conclusion. His response to my – “do you have stock question” came back with such confidence that I was definitely going to give this woman a new set of wheels.

Instinct hath no reasoning. A motorcycle has no dearth of pampering.

A couple hours later, the wheels were off and the new tyres were in. The difference was not immediately noticeable, but slowly there were changes. Noticed how responsive the brakes had become, I was able to slide the bike more and overall felt quite good.

Premium rubber is always premium. I learnt my mistake the hard way by going the timsun route. While there are choices from Ralco and other brands, somehow Pirelli’s take the cake.

This is her in all happiness in new rubber.

It still felt unreal, but at the same time felt good. This was something I wanted to do a long time ago and I finally got it done without really thinking too much into the ifs and buts of things.

The rest of the day was beautiful. The sun dipped and the cool breeze of the evening coupled with the roaring 650cc engine was quite the combination.

The evening sky was full of poetry and I managed to get some pictures before the lights faded out.

A road like this and a fast bike – Lord have mercy.

Cheers !

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