What a Saturday!!

It was supposed to be an action packed day. With quite a number of items on the To-do list, timing and execution was key to making sure I ticked all of them.

The plan was to head out with #irene. It had been too long since she and I took a spin and today was the day. Fuelled up nearby and we were off.

Barely 2 kms into the ride, something felt off. She was sputtering at 3000 rpm and was erratically firing. This wasn’t good. I kept riding and shortly I noticed the check engine light come on. This day was going to be interesting.

A check engine light coming on meant a couple things – 1. something was going on wrong inside and 2. I needed to visit the service centre to fix it. Both line items were not part of the agenda for today.

Kept riding further and now the sputtering started at 2000 rpm. There was something blocking the fuel lines. The first line of thought was the presence of dust or dirt in the tank and that trickling down to the engine which caused the sputtering. But this being a fuel injected system, the greater worry was the injector failing.

Well.. limping my way across to Rudraa motors, I was happy to see the engineers around. A quick inspection later, #irene was straight into the service bay. We wasted no time. Out came the ECU scanner to check the error and to decide next course of action.

Our suspicions were true. There was something wrong with the right engine. Either the FI was not working as expected or something else was the issue. Checked the entire wiring assembly for any signs of rat bite or anything out of the ordinary, but nothing was amiss.

Out came the fuel harness followed by the fuel injector and it was out to be cleaned. Put it back in and this time, she wouldn’t come to life. Like nada. Zilch. She didn’t budge. The starter motor was struggling, but she didn’t care a damm.

Okay. More troubles.. and the ticking clock. With the covid19 situation , shops were open only till 5pm and it was going to be 1.

Identified the root cause of the starting issue to 2 rubber washers on the FI and now we were back to square 1. The clutch side FI not working.

Time being of paramount importance, I borrowed a motorcycle and went about my errands. At least that part of work was getting done.

Back at the service centre in about 90 minutes, I meet the engineer and he says the bike is fixed. If this was a surprise, his answer was even more surprising.

Sir, we didn’t do anything. Came back from lunch, he started the motorcycle and she fired as if nothing was wrong. She even clocked 130 km/hr during a test run. This was beyond surprises now. She came in limping and after doing nothing really, she was her usual self.

Was she getting back to me because of not going out all these days ? Was she playing hard to get ? What was it ??

Well, now that we were there, gave her a quick wash and she was happy as ever. Gleaming in the evening light and ready to ride out. She looked happy, and I was more than happy.

It was time to get out and finish the rest of my errands. Took her from the city roads to the bypass where it was empty and she held 140 km/hr like it was a piece of cake. The tyre wobble was there though, but that is for another day.

Looks like it was one of her ways of being herself. But it’s all fair. She is entitled to throw a tantrum here and there considering the roads I take her on. So all a part of the game I guess.

Met up with Zoe, handed off her goodies and with all my work being done, it was time to get back home. The skies were darkening in the evening light and now that she was clean, I was tempted to take a few pictures before it was dark.

The skies had other plans!

Taking a circuitous route home, I felt the first drop hit me. Then the next. Then the next. It was raining ! Whoohoo !

The day was getting better already. The skies let down its fury and #irene and I were in the center of it. The acupuncture feeling of a thousand raindrops pierce your skin over 80 km/hr on an open road is an indescribable feeling of zest. At one point, I pulled over worried about the phone. But a few seconds later, I got back on to the bike with only one thought – fuck it, let’s ride.

I needed a picture. This was quite the moment. All these days of being in a sauna and today being out here in the rain was really something. Managed to find a nice spot in between two parked lorries and the super wide lens on my #iphone helped.

Another highway stretch and this time it was pure orgasm right from the word go. At first, the raindrops hurt as they pierce through your skin, but as you increase the throttle and the adrenaline flows through your veins, the pain disappears and the joy doubles.

If I was having a brilliant time on the roads getting drenched and experiencing a slice of raw motorcycling, some of my friends had met up for chai and were having a few good laughs over chatter. I was going to join that party soon.

The cherry on top could not have been better. Drenched to the bone and on arrival I get handed a hot steaming cup of chai. Orgasm with a capital O, I say ! The happiness of the heart was in full bounty.

Good conversations, lots of laughter and with the light fading and lightning streaks across the sky, it was time to part ways.

Riding back home after all this was quite a bummer, but hey, I had a huge adventure and adrenaline rush after so long and I could not be happier.

What puzzled me was #irene. She was fussy, but nothing was wrong with her, got her all cleaned up and within the hour, she was drenched in the rain. Did she really like all of this ? Or was she getting ready to give me the time of my life ?

Well, either ways, she was happy and so was I.

True happiness is on a motorcycle, at speed, in the rain where all the cares of the world are left far fucking behind and all that you see and hear is the road and the roar of the engines.

What a happy Saturday.


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