Day 8

And its a new month of April.

March of 2020 will go down in the history books as the month where the world stopped doing everything and stay confined within the human walls of quarantine.

With this new month, it is time to look at new beginnings and new tomorrows. It is only the first of the month. Officially 13 days to go before the quarantine is lifted ( hopefully) and people can safely go outside as such. Till then it is the same status quo as what was a week ago.

But the good thing is that life is still moving forward and there is hope for safety and well being.

anyway, it was back to working in the morning, sweating in the afternoon and walking in the evening. This is becoming a trend these days and by the looks of it, this will continue for the next fortnight.

So far, so good. And that is a very good thing. This new month has a lot of promise and hopefully we can all live to see the days ahead.

Cheerio folks

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